Qatar’s First Dedicated Spin Studio

12 February 2018

Welcome to RideTribe: Qatar’s first dedicated spin studio, founded by Jawaher Al Fardan and Mohamed Abuissa. This Sports Day, the indoor cycling phenomenon will open its doors to the public, featuring revolutionary classes that include high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and cathartic rhythm-based choreography.

Every ride at RideTribe is a full body, fat-burning workout designed to produce real results. When the lights dim and the beats start pumping, you can’t help but turn up the resistance and go further than ever before. With each climb, sprint and jump, you become physically and mentally stronger. Just when you think you can’t keep going, you look up to see a room of inspiring riders who are still fighting and suddenly, you realise nothing can hold you back. With charismatic instructors who elevate each class from a physical journey into an epic mind-body experience, RideTribe promises to change the fitness landscape in Qatar forever. Located in the Pearl, the cutting-edge studio has 30 bikes and tailored sessions that cater to both long-term spin enthusiasts and those taking their first steps.

RideTribe is the latest fitness experience founded by Jawaher Al Fardan and Mohamed Abuissa. Together, the entrepreneurial power couple are redefining fitness in the Middle East. As a spin instructor, advanced yoga teacher and Lululemon Regional Ambassador, Al Fardan is credited with having brought yoga and veganism to Qatar. She is the founder of Niya Yoga; co-founder of Evergreen Organics; a consultant for start-up businesses; as well as offering talks on entrepreneurship in Qatar. World renowned rally car driver Abuissa is the creator and driving force behind the innovative space OxFitness Lab, a world class facility that offers clients a bespoke approach to health, training and lifestyle.

Al Fardan says: “My vision is to share different mind-body healing modalities in Qatar, the country that I love so much. When we push past our comfort zone and challenge ourselves on both the physical and mental planes, the internal dialogue we move through is incredibly healing. Our intention at RideTribe is for more of this. We want you to listen to your deepest discourse and arise anew, stronger than ever before.”

Join them for their inaugural classes on Tuesday 13 February: 11 AM, 12.30 PM, 3 PM, 4.30 PM. Each class is 50 minutes in length.

Find Your Tribe. Welcome to RideTribe.