Sole Worrell

All the way from USA, Originally from Mexico, Solé is a qualified energetic dance and group fitness instructor, personal trainer, spin and yoga teacher with over 10 years experience in Texas where she found her love of dance and fitness. Solé has a natural ability to motivate and inspire. You can count on her to bring great music, positive energy and push you further towards your fitness goals with every beat. Solé’s class will leave you feeling challenged, uplifted and dripping with sweat. With her background in the medical field, professional dancing and the fitness industry, she is sure to rev up your exercise routine and keep you coming back for more.

Highly motivated to help others reach their health and fitness goals. Successful working with individuals of all fitness levels to improve strength, Sole turned in her nursing job to share her passion for fitness and wellness full-time with the world. 
Solé trained and instructed at the top fitness clubs in Houston, Texas. She brings high-energy motivational instruction to Doha. She is currently a trainer and spinning instructor at Ox Fitness Lab. Expect an energizing mix of Hip Hop, RnB, Latin Mix and top 40.